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December 05 2015

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“in time the sun will set for all of us, so make good use of all your days. treasure the moments, the memories that define and color our lives”

August 16 2015

July 27 2015

life’s swell

July 15 2015

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beautiful tree by v-collins

how normal people flirt: “hey, sexy”

how i flirt: “if you were a tree… you’d make a beautiful tree.”

July 13 2015

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by your side by v-collins

forever is a long time but i wouldn’t mind spending it by your side

July 03 2015

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in our darkest hour we have the chance to shine our brightest light

June 14 2015

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let your colors run tonight (at Maui Arts & Cultural Center)

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i’d rather have one night than nothing forever
yeah that would be alright with me
it’s now or never…

June 07 2015

Top 5 artists this week


June 01 2015

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the highest kite by v-collins

imagination is the highest kite one can fly -lauren bacall

May 31 2015

Top 5 artists this week

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unexpected paths by v-collins 

there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths -mark nepo

May 30 2015

May 28 2015

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when the puzzle connects it’s like you never forget the way it’s got to be -nervo

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where there’s smoke, there’s fire

#thebigpicture #thinkbig #largerthanlife #beventurous #maui #hawaii #burn #sun #sunrise #sugarcane #sugar #plantation #justgoshoot #vsco #wildernessculture #picoftheday #smoke #bestoftheday #sunrise #mothernature #worldcaptures #light #all_shots #chasinglight #instanature #natureaddict #nature #wanderlust #visualsoflife #liveauthentic #meetthemoment (at Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company)

May 24 2015

Top 5 artists this week


May 22 2015

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i could give you the sky and the light will guide you -mako

May 19 2015

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your perspective changes on a bicycle; as you ride the entire universe transpires.

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